December 17, 2005

ZG Raid Information

Folks, thanks for coming here.

I was drafting a mass email in game, but I found I had more information to share than the mail system allowed.

Basically spoke with sillia in game this morning about raiding this weekend. Turns out they don't have many people on their end who are going to make it, but they were looking (specifically) for 1-2 druids and 1-2 mages. Others are welcome, but those are their specific class needs.

She also wanted to share some of the things they request we "bring to the table" as it goes. Their guild has spent a lot of time farming for potions/items/equipment that will help them defeat the later bosses (tiger/panther/spider bosses). While some of the stuff is easy to obtain, some can be rather tedious. Below please find an initial list of either mats, or finished items they have had a focus on:

Green whelp armor: this is required for all classes that can wear leather. I believe we have a few leatherworkers who can make this, however as long as we farm the required mats, they're more than willing to make the stuff for us. Mats can be found here:

Blue pearls: These are used in some bomb that fears beats for 10 sec. These can be found in giant clams off the coast of STV.
These are best to farm w/ a druid and/or warlock for either aquatic form, or unending breath.

Mana pots: These will be useful for longer fights in the zone, hakkar specifically. Sillia mentioned they expect to be killing hakkar rather soon, so if we don't have someone with this recipie, we should 5 man scholo till they can get it. Mats are here:

Dreamfoil: This stuff is used in all sorts of recipies that we'll need. This will be a bitch to farm, but with a few people doing it, we should be fine. Drop locs here:

Shadow pots: I think this is used for the jindo fight, which is a "phat caster lewt" boss. Mats here:

Elixer of poison resistance: An item used in the snake boss encounter, we should all be able to farm this as you get the venom sac's from the stupid spiders in Western Duskwood. And it's only a lvl14 item or something. Mats here:

So, again, thanks for coming, and let's see if we can try to contribute something to this venture besides bodies.

See y'all in game.