May 03, 2005

Tasers don't kill people

Cops do.

Effing disgusting how this whole article focuses on the eeeeeeeevils of the Joo's the Taser, yet says nothing about:
Police did not say exactly how many times the man was zapped.
Or that in previous instances it takes (9) tazings to kill another guy. Seriously though, how many times to you have to taze a fucking 24-year old man in order to kill him. Did they sit there and keep tazing him after he went unconscious?

Fucking cops.

RELATED UPDATE: Have you all seen that vid where the drunk guy gets pulled over and is tazed like 5 times by that cop? Every time he's hit, he just flat-f*ck falls on the ground. It's as if every muscle in his body turns to jelly...