May 09, 2005

My weekend reading

This book, "The Life of Pi" came highly recommended by a couple friends of mine. Ended up steaming through it yesterday afternoon. Not what I expected. The book was touted to leave the reader believing in God by the end of it (which is also what one of the characters said)... however I don't think that reviewer read the same book I did. While this was an awesome (very entertaining) book, the end of it kicked me square in the face and left me depressed. While the book isn't 100% what I expected, it was a raucous story of one boys will to survive. I would say this should be required reading for all High School students, part of the reason being the boy was only 16 to have gone through such an ordeal.

As you've guessed, I'm trying to tell as little as possible about the story as you really should go check it out. Feel free to read what they have to say about it at amazon, rest assured you're not going to see any spoilers, nor are you going to get any more info than what's on the back cover. :)

Basically, if you're looking for a fun book you can bust out in 4-5 hours, this is it. If you have already read it, I'd like to hear your take in the comments (no spoilers for those who haven't read it - heh).