April 05, 2005

This is what's wrong with the blogosphere

Feh, I rather liked the Cowbell. I'm also jealous that he has more Instalanches than me. I've been blogging what, three or four months now? Where the hell is mine? Shit, he gets one for retiring, and I don't get one for even starting. The Blogfather my hiney. He's a miser with his Instalanches, by golly.

I read most of the same blogs as this guy and have never once noticed a neat comment of his, or anything of his. He posts up on Wuzzadem (who's a decently funny guy) and bitches that he's been blogging for all of 4 months (max) and hasn't gotten an instalanche.

Well, you've gotta have something to say "Collegeguy" - nobodys gonna throw you a bone if you're not funny and/or witty. So, not only do you sound like a pompous "the world revolves around me" ass with your comment, but you're also just one of many like you. I'd throw J. Golsen in with you as well, but I can't seem to find a link to his site. Where's that guy get off to? Not at the top of the TTLB rankings, I can tell you that much.

FWIW: I should point out the only way I got my Insta-Corner-Franka-Malka-lanche was b/c of guest-blogger Atomic Amish. I'm not ashamed of that, I've never said that I'm funny or claimed that I *deserved* a link from anybody. I do all this shit for personal enjoyment, if you don't like it you can eat me, even if you like it I'll probably still tell you to eat me. :) There are people out there who take this shit way too seriously, I don't think John's one of them, I think Collegeguy might be and I *know* Jordan Golsen is.

UPDATE: Turns out I'm a fool. Read John's comments over @ Wuzzadem.