April 18, 2005

Lance Armstrong to quit cycling

...after this years' TDF. Of course. This guy is a King among men. For those of you who have any idea what being a cyclist entails, you know what I'm talking about. The rest of you?

Well, you can eat a dick.

Lance Armstrong is hands down the best athlete around, the best cyclist of all-time, a role model, if there ever was one and a damn fine American.

I wonder which he'd put first? (my rhetorical style is too strong for you foo)

UPDATE: Good reader Pigilito calls me out in the comments, and I used Tyler Hamilton as example of why I think Lance is innocent of any doping charges... then I read my email and find this Court Transcript between the ADA and Tyler Hamilton. Figured it was worth throwing up. I'll also blockquote the response this generated from one of the guys on my triathlon team:
The dissenting arbitrator’s opinion is eye opening...I didn’t even realize the vote was 2-1. Of course the press just says “guilty” and that’s it. The test that they relied on doesn’t even take false positives into account, both those that are naturally occurring and those that result from human error. Everyone knows the blood samples are mishandled in some cases (like putting it in the freezer). The test also relies on a subjective call made by the lab tech.

I also didn’t know that the initial lab test at the Olympics was negative and that a separate group took another look. This second group was paid to develop the new technique (and now have their professional reputations at stake) and they knew it was Tyler’s sample they were testing. That's the group who was charged making the “I know it when I see it” subjective call? Ridiculous.

The people making the call are never supposed to know who it is they are testing and are not supposed to have a vested interest in the outcome. A third test was not possible due to the destruction of the backup sample but the numbers from the Vuelta sample were significantly lower than the Athens sample so it’s safe to assume the original Athens lab group would have cleared Tyler, and yet he gets a 2 year suspension because of this second group of testers.

I can’t believe they would throw away a career relying on a test like that with those circumstances. It seems like the IOC, UCI, etc. have gone way overboard. I’m sure they are frustrated with the inability of testing to keep up w/ the designer doping drugs, but come on. If you don't have objective testing you don't have legitimacy. Maybe Tyler should move to Salem b/c it sure looks like a witch hunt to me.
Worth reading if you're at all interested in this stuff.

For what it's worth, Tyler has also just posted a response on his site.

UPDATE2: Shit. I think I just deleted all the comments. I'd made a double-post, tried to zap one of them and might have just killed them all. :/ Either way, the last comment by "anonymous" was something to the effect of "Lance identifies his politics as center-left, how does that make you feel?" - my response was "who gives a shit, he rides a bike". As far as all the other stuff with pigilito or whatever, I was done talking about it anyway - him trying to convince me that Lance isn't the best ever, or that he's a doper, is like me saying George Soros really did actually vote for Bush.

Fuck it. I don't care. You're all retarded. Heh.