April 07, 2005

Just thinking and such... [Dave]

After much soul searching, I've realized that I'm not really comfortable using my real name on this blog. Why? Well Dave seems so, well bland. The good professor uses his name, but then again, he's on TV all the time media whoring it up. I should have chosen a good name, a cool name, a hip name. I could have been Tenacious BM, or possibly Harold Johnson.

In other news, I've been working my ass raw and I'm just about out of gas. This weekend won't be spent doing crap at work I can tell you that -- oh shit -- this is almost starting to turn into a real blog entry, I need a joke quick. What's the difference between Terri Schaivo and Oliver Willis? One was deprived of food, one needs to be. Ah, much better.

Am I the only one that sick of hearing about Frank J's wedding already? Yes? Oh well. I'm sure he'll be back to being funny someday. (p.s. Your guest bloggers suck. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Btw, one good boobie shot could pay for the whole wedding, think about that. The. Whole. Damn. Wedding.)

I'm currently writing a piece of fiction that I'll be posting here when I'm done with it. It's a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL STORY about a man who finds more freedom in prison than the outside world. Think Shawshank Redemption meets 1984. I must stress that this is a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL STORY least anyone get the wrong idea when I publish it. The short story is that the man who becomes sick of the ruling judiciary in his country kills a judge in protest and finds that the only real freedom he's ever known comes in a cage. Again, COMPLETELY FICTIONAL.

That's all for now, bite me.