April 09, 2005


It is truly sad and disturbing what news I have heard about the Iraqi anniversary of Freedom. The radio has news of protests with "thousands" of al Sadr loyalists tearing down effigies of Saddam, Bush, and Blair, simulations of the "prisoner torture" pictures, and plenty of chanting against the USA, democracy, and, by default, progress. The television and internet news sites are filled with the same. I am amazed this is the only news we hear of such a monumental day when reports like this is also out there...then again, that good news and messages of thanks are no longer considered "news" are they? At the very least, shouldn't we hear BOTH reports?

The winds of change that have blown away the tyrant in Iraq have begun to reach more and more people everyday and the heroic stand of Iraqis is inspiring freedom lovers in Beirut and Cairo, Kuwait and Bahrain, Arabia and Damascus; people are screaming enough is enough; enough for tyranny, enough for repression and enough for slavery.

Some naysayers and losers will say that terror had marked the past two years in Iraq but we the Iraqis believe that terrorism is merely the defeated remnants of evil fed by the other tyrants who got terrified from the fall of their demonic master. They're holding onto a weak thread that will soon be broken no matter how hard they try.

Finally, I would like to say it again and say it loud:
Thank you our liberators.


UPDATE - Thanks to Ace for the link. Here is more goodness; I got the chills when I read this one. Thank AlGore the US Military for the internet; without it, this truth would likely not be heard.
Two years now and "they" still wonder
And "they" still ask Was it worth it?
Was it right?
Two years and it seems to me Like it was yesterday
Two years and "they" keep trying
To silence the voice inside us
Yet it only grows louder

I was once free When I was a kid
But when I grew up...