March 31, 2005


Short for Seniors Out Drinking Again - this tradition has a rich history at my alma mater. Why don't you take a look at an AIM away message from this years Captain of the swimteam:
walls washed
bar washed
pool cleaned
pool returned to wall mart
carpet deep-vacked
floor mopped
shades scrubbed
clothes permanently destroyed
$460 total spent
410 beers purchased
6 handles consumed
8 bottles of chocolate sauce empty
4 industrial-sized tubs of pudding gone
couches put back in suite
several videos taken
one $300 fast skin ruined by chocolate
at least 2 pukers post-party

good. times.

8-)mud wrestling

let the soda action begin, last minute mud wrestling party, get the bell get the bell, chocolate sauce and pudding everywhere, honestly who mud wrestls in a fastskin, i have to puke, fuck you I have to puke, getting punched in the stomach
Best SODA ever? Probably...