March 31, 2005

One more scalp for the Liberals

Terri 's dead. Way to go guys, you really stuck it to her BUSH on that one. Woo hoo.

*shakes head*

UPDATE: Go figure I get picked up by Slate for this post. Was wondering where that comment came from. *sighs* I have no idea who David Wallis Wells is (Slate Intern) or how he found my lowly blog.... come to think of it, what *was* he searching for to find fodder for his story?

UPDATE 2: Oh, and Dave, I'm a "blogger", not a "diarist". Nice not-so-subtle jive. ;)

UPDATE 3: I'm able to divine a few things from my comments. People coming here from Slate (and leaving comments) really don't have any interest in debate. No one has really even addressed the main thrust of my post - that the left has used this as an attack against Bush, without recognizing that someone's life was in the balance. FWIW, I think it's about time I clarify my position in the T. Schaivo matter. My comments over at ASV are probably the most true and succinct, so why don't all you wanna-be critics go check them out first - before spouting off in my comments.

The thing that I find most fucked up about this case is the way people were rationalizing euthanizing this woman. B/c at the end of the day that's what it came down to: euthanasia. Some people were like "It's OK, she can't feel anything, it's euphoric", or "She's already dead" or "She's a vegetable". To those arguments, Rachel Lucas responded much better than I here here here and here. So, if you feel like figuring out where I actually stand on this issue, go read her b/c she and I are on the same page.

Also worth adding how little I wrote about this compared to other bloggers. Consider that for a moment. What could that mean? No. Think some more. Still don't get it? Well, go re-read my comments at Michele's. Yet? No? Well, OK - this case simply doesn't pull my strings as it does other conservatives. As mentioned earlier I think much of the hype about this was the blogosphere and MSM being bored, with declining death rates in Iraq, good news for Jacko, Iraqi's starting to take responsibility, the middle east transforming (in a positive way) - the MSM was looking for some more ammo to hurl @ Bush. Well here's some insight, it's only a slow news cycle if you choose not to report on what's going on. What's disappointed me is that the blogosphere has let the agenda be dictated by the MSM - we should always be stabbing in our own direction and not let CNN/ABC/NBC/MSNBC (hehe) or even Fox dictate what we should be talking about. As Jeff Jarvis says, *WE* are the market - if we keep following stories that are thrown at us like bones - doesn't that just make us part of the circle jerk?

So, for those of you that are going to click through here and try and leave some nasty comment, I hope you've at least read what I've just thrown up in this most recent update. Though it may make you feel morally superior to lump me in as some "right wing fundamentalist bible-thumper" you really couldn't be further from the truth and you're only hurting your cause.

FINAL UPDATE: Some decent comments below and as it always ends up, nothing gets solved in arguments over the 'net. I probably should have brought this point up earlier, but what allows me to have some closure with this issue was (interestingly enough) last nights' episode of South Park. Basically Kenny ended up in a PVS (he was Terri) and the whole country went all batshit fighting over what he wanted. At the (almost) very end of the show, they find his will and it even addresses what he'd want to happen to him if he were ever in a PVS. His request? Simply to never ever be made a national example.

At that point, both sides shut up and Stan concludes that the "pull the tube" faction was right for the wrong reasoons, while the "right to lifers" were wrong for the right reasons.

I think seeing that is what allowed me to get to sleep last night.

Long live South Park.