March 14, 2005

Just the facts ma'am...[Dave]

I swear the following story is true...

I'm currently on a business trip, I was eating in the bar of Red Lobster and watching CNN. Anderson Cooper (?) was reporting from Beruit.

Now at this point, you're wondering, why the hell am I reading this crap? Well my friends, it's payoff time. Cooper actually interviewed a Lebanese man who stated, "God bless America, God bless George Bush."

I damn near crapped myself, Al Turner-zera said what?

Cooper continues, (remembering quote, forgive any small mistakes) "You wouldn't believe the amount of people -- who upon learning we were American journalists, came to us and said, "Thank you. Thank you America. Thank you George Bush.""

I look again, I swear that's CNN at the bottom of the screen. I look into my beer, yup, still cold and frosty. I can't believe I'm watching CNN. Did the Jordan Rules suddenly get repealed?

Well, I'm not sure what to make of this. Eason Jordan is gone, the herd has reversed course, and Oliver Wills and the Kos Kids are still saying this is all for nothing. Ward Churchhill is probably stealing a paper from someone right now titled 'The foolish Lebanese democracy'. Michael Moore is probably -- ok this joke is going nowhere, that tub has been done to death.

I'll give you 10:1 odds that within one month from now, there will be a column from Sgrenna about the pitiful effort in Lebanon and how the "freedom fighters" for totalitarian rule are clearly the tactical and moral superiors in the struggle.