March 24, 2005

And when it does.... [Dave]

Dear Judge Greer,
In a matter of days, you and the rest of the ruling judicial bourgeoisie will get their way and Terri Schaivo will be dead. I will have officially lost faith in humanity at that point. You've deprived a disabled woman of her life, her liberty, and her persuit of happiness. To this I can only say one thing. Shame. Shame on your house, shame on your name. Blood is on your hands and you sit in your black robes upon your perch and play God. How dare you.

Penn Jillette taught me a valuable lesson, you can get in trouble for calling someone a fraud. But, there's no recourse for calling someone a motherfucker, and you are a huge motherfucking prick. If dying by starvation is an easy death, why do you suppose babies cry when they're hungry? I know you probably don't care what I think, I'm just one small person and you are a mighty judge, but remember, things come around. I can only hope that someday as you lay on a bed someone makes that decision for you, and I hope you feel every minute of it.

As I think over the facts of the case, I can't see one instance where you ever took Terri into account. You gave Michael Terri's medical trust fund money so he could pay lawyers to petition for her death. Asshole. You discounted the medical opinion of doctors and nurses who disagreed with you. Fuckwad.