February 04, 2005

Star Trek [Amish]

Well since Star Trek: Enterprise has just been canceled, now is as good a time as any to count down the Top Ten Most Embarrassing Moments in Star Trek History:

10) 9/7/93= Richard Gere apprehended by Paramount security for attempting to smuggle "tribbles" off of studio lot. Two of them were never recovered.

9) 3/12/86= Riot breaks out at San Diego Trek convention between trekkies who prefer Ricardo Montalbans fake tits in "The Wrath of Kahn" and Shatners "all-natural" manboobs.

8) 7/6/00= "Star Trek: Enterprise" chooses Baywatch style opening theme over fan favorite Rocket Man.

7) 4/9/67=Lost episode of TOS in which Kirk deals with the knowledge he has picked up a communicable disease from an Orion slave girl. Unfortunately "The Trouble with Dribbles" has never been shown on American television.

6) 5/2/66=Scotty drunk on Romulan Ale keeps referring to Klingons as "space n*****'s"


4)6/11/86=Deforrest Kelly's black tar heroin habit finally catches up with him when he's arrested for trying to sell the whales from "Star Trek 4:The Voyage Home" to a Japanese consortium to earn money for his next score. His legal defense consisted mainly of "Dammit judge-I'm a doctor-not a poacher."

3)3/12/93=Photos of Leonard Nimoy being arrested by L.A. police officers while in the company of one "Divine Brown." Nimoy partially redeems himself by appearing on the Tonight Show and admitting to be a "very naughty Vulcan."

2)1/14/97=Lawsuit filed by animal rights group PETA for episode in which Kirk battled the Gorn.

1)4/3/04=William Shatner finally snaps and kills heckler at Trek Con 94 when he asked when the Enterprise will finally wipe the Klingons from Uranus.

[ed. Thx Amish, now I know wtf a "gorn" is]

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