February 03, 2005

Some link lovin'

Seems I've got a few new readers. Indubitably this means that some of you are also probabaly new to the whole "blogging" scene. I've had my own blog since July '03, so I've seen quite a few bloggers come and go already, but let this post serve as a kind of outline for who's out there and what they're writing about.

Blog you don't have to bother reading b/c everyone else just links his stories.
Not really a blog, but see above.
The most esoterically named blog in the 'sphere. This is true.
Neat ways to organize your life, that you will never use. Ever.
Best "Anonymous State Dept Employee's" blog.
Frank LOVES monkeys. And ninjas. But he hates the moon.
"Diarrhea is the new black." Priceless.
The only blogger(s) who posts more than the Puppy Blender.
Rachel. Effin. Lucas. The inventor of the "slam. technique". Her dogs rule.
Michelle, who does the most kick-ass action figure blogging around.
Biggest flash-in-the-pan. Ever. It's like they say about the brightest stars, they last half as long. If you missed AllahPundit in his prime, you're worse off from it - he was the 'spheres biggest rising star for probably over a year. Now, he's gone.
Speaking of flash-in-the-pans... two weeks into blogging this guy got a Drudge-a-lance™, was a commenter over at Ace's for a while, now he's turned into a grade A, 110% fucking prick. I think he sued some 13 year-old blogger over content. Loser.
Best blog you should be reading. But aren't

That's enough for now, I'll get more up later. Time permitting.

UPDATE: An apology. The same one that's been copied/pasted everywhere on the 'net.

UPDATE 2: Over at Aces (like you couldn't guess, right) the debate has heated up. A "C-bomb" has been dropped, and a response is pending. As far as I can tell, Julie likes to pick losing battles. In case you're too lazy to click that link and scroll for the comments, here's how things went down:

Julie: Everybody has apologized. So, why doesn't everybody else just drop it.

Senator Philabuster: Because the "apology" is self-serving and disingenuous. And, the 13 year old kid (Austin) has been hurt by losing his blog while the a-hole tsunami profiteer Jordan is hoping we'll let him skate.

His actions deserve derision and scorn. In my opinion, he's a prick who deserves to be reminded of his asshole actions at every opportunity. (Shot her. the fuck. down.)

Free Austin: A form letter is not an apology. He's posted it to the comments sections of a dozen sites so far. It is likely he won't even return to read any responses. Those "apologies" are just turds flung at the people who called Jordan on his utter asinity. Not only is he a dick, he seems to be a spammer as well. What a fucking winner. (zing, part deux)

Julie: Who are you to determine what his apology is or is not? I believe that is up to Austin and his parents. For you to feign outrage on their behalf is disingenuous at best. And in my opinion, you're a prick, so consider that part of your argument canceled out. (Coming strong with the "moral relativity" counter-retort...)

Senator Philabuster: Who are you to determine whether my outrage on Austin's behalf is disingenuous? In my opinion you are a cunt, so consider BOTH parts of your argument cancelled out. (Julie == owned)