February 07, 2005

She's got her lunchbox, I've got my blog

Cool article found on BookofJoe - an ex-pr0n site that was converted to a blog. The guy's the only blogging-anesthesiologist on the 'net. That I know of at least.

Being a huge fan of punk music, and subject to the unfortunate side-show that the producers/promoters are, I know what this woman is feeling all too well. All it takes is one Flogging Molly (not really punk, but this gets my point across) where, for an entire 30 minutes before the show, you're forced to view a Fahrenheit 9/11 run down/cock-sucking fest by a bunch of asshat liberals on a 30 foot movie screen. All that, in lieu of a soundcheck. Bastards.

I've got my roots...but I've also got my intelligence.

Don't insult either with your politics.