February 15, 2005

Shall we go for our third scalp?

Dean Linked to Hospital Scandal Probe

This could be the biggest one yet....
The Justice Department has launched a wide-ranging federal probe into suspected antitrust violations by Vermont's health-care system during the time it was being overseen by former governor and one-time presidential candidate Howard Dean.

"The sordid vortex of these investigations can be directly traced back to the Dean administration’s inability to hold these institutions accountable," Vermont's Guardian newspaper complained on Friday, the day before Dean was crowned chairman of the Democratic Party.
I'm sure this will be spun as Bush "out to get" Dean....
The investigation, which - curiously - has attracted no national media attention, was formally launched in December, after the private accounting firm KPMG warned that the Dean adminstration and its successor had failed to put in place adequate safeguards to oversee the nearly $1 billion in federal funds spent in Vermont.
Curiously? Nothing about that is "curious" to me... The MmM is always quick to protect their own. A billion dollars? Like $1,000,000,000? To quote Ace, I find this...gobsmackingly vile.
However, as far back as 2002, while Dean was still governor, his name surfaced in connection with complaints of runaway costs.
I'm hoping the patron saint of jounalism AKA Jeff Gannon will rise from the ashes and ask Dean the question I'd like to hear. "What did you know, and when did you know it?" A billion dollars is alot of gravy to be spreading around, I'm betting there's a paper trail leading somewhere.