February 07, 2005

Rantings, and the worst day of my life [Dave]

Now that Amish has departed, I think it's safe to guess who that masked man really was.
Who is Amish? A top 5 list!

5. Amish has clearly lost his mind, and he's always got the best pictures. The Malkin picture alone was pure genius, it also looks like it was a video still from a CNN broadcast. Didn't Ted Turner recently lose his mind too?

4. Amish was here for a week and generated massive traffic, then he left to write a book and travel through Europe. I'm betting he got Mike to front him about 120k against the promise of "mad" blog money. Thanks "Amish" Sullivan. (I'll be damned if I leave a link for Andy "The Hustler" Sullivan.)

3. The timing of Amish's disappearence is suspect. Looking back on all of the scathing sarcasm, I'm starting to lean towards the theory that he's a state's witness in the Jackson trial.

2. When making fun of Glenn Reynolds, he added an extra six, "for more evil". Also he only had four links in that post. Who else would make fun of Glenn, have subpar MSpaint skills, and be brash enough to link himself? I'll bet my sack of rocks Frank J was behind all this.

1. The man we are dealing with is obviously a super-genius. He's also nipping at conservative heels in a joking manner. Who has turned the tables? Who has been at the center of conservative evil genius jokes for four plus years now? Karl Rove. Don't believe me? Here's a picture of Karl using the dark side of the force to choke a reporter.

Friday I got two pieces of earth shattering news. First, my wife has some "abnormal" cells that need to be removed, lest they turn cancerous. I'm not exactly sure of all the details, but I know it involves one of these and one of these. The second piece is that Friday my Mom went in for a physical and a routine chest x-ray turned into a cat scan, which turned into a "worrisome" tumor in her left lung. This is similar to the way her Mom (my Grandmother) passed. I sent her the following email this morning, hopefully it will strengthen her resolve.
You taught me alot of life's lessons over the years, some of the easy, some of them tough. Now's the time for me to return the favor.

I don't know if you thought the same thing I did when you found out, but let me tell you this. You are not your Mom. You will fight, and you will beat this, no matter what. I'd expect no less from myself, and I expect no less from you.

Pardon the language, but Paul Anka said it best.
"That's just the fucking way it is."

Finally, there was a minor fracas about some guy calling a thirteen year old boy a "bastard." I can only answer with this truism that I discovered while playing Xbox Live.
Not every bastard on the internet is a thirteen year old boy, but every thirteen year old boy on the internet is a bastard.
Apparently, this guy decided to apologize to "Austin and his mommy", screw that, with a name like "Austin" I'm pretty sure he's a bastard. I also notice that no apology was given to "Austin's daddy", perhaps someone can point me to his family tree to prove he really isn't a bastard. I'm not saying he's not a good kid, I just know what happens on the internet.