February 07, 2005

Postblogum depression

The numbers don't lie. Last week was fun, the most fun I've had on this thing yet. Check the graph...

On another note, I was just reminded of a pretty funny story. Some friends and I are planning a return to Vegas in a few months - a couple days of drunken-stripper-laden debauchery... and I remember this one trip to a strip club.

My buddy and I (Dave) are hangin out in some dive strip club, late night, off the strip, in the middle of nowhere, with another buddy of ours. After about 30 minutes we realize our friend is gone. Thinking he's off getting a dance or something, Dave heads to the pisser. Next thing I know, Dave comes running back to our table laughing his ASS off, and telling me to "Come check this out".

Turns out, our other friend passed out, face down. In the urinal.

Pic's of the offending party to be posted later.