February 02, 2005

Nepotism at its best...

Background: My "boss" is a person 4 years my junior, in his position as "Controller" fresh out of college 2 years ago because he is "friends" with the owner...keep in mind he supposedly has a 4 year degree in Finance from Cal Poly...they had Excel 2 years ago, right?

Boss man: Hey, since you have Excel open, maybe you can help me out. How do you get more of those window thingies (I shit you not, he really said that) to show up on the bottom of the window? (He is referring, and pointing to, the worksheet tabs on the bottom of the open Excel window.)

Me: (Looks at him blankly trying to determine if he is joking. He MUST be joking...right? He is not.) You go up to Insert, and click Worksheet.

Slappy: Huh. That's easy enough. What if there are already a whole bunch of tab things across the whole bottom of the screen? The Excel thing I am working on already has a whole bunch of tab things, the screen is full of them all the way across the bottom.

Me: (Now in total awe of his stupidity.) That is what these little scroll buttons are for over here. (as I click on the worksheet scroll buttons)

Retard Boy: Ahhhhh, OK, I always wondered why those buttons never really did anything.


6 more months, 6 more months......