February 04, 2005

Michelle Malkin is an illegal alien [Amish]

She may say she's for tighter border control, but methinks the lady doth protest too much.. its all an act. She writes books, newspaper columns, editorials, makes multiple TV appearances every week, and maintains a web site. When was the last time you saw an American work that hard? Glenn Reynolds doesn't do half of that and he has a family of Cuban refugees blogging for him. Heh, senor.

Heres the proof a reader sent in.

She's driving I think.

I bet she's going to regret writing "In Defense of Internment" now.

H/t: Chrissy C.

p.s. If you need a green card- I'm available.

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[ed. Can we make this 4 in a row?!? Amish, you are on. frickin. fire!]