February 15, 2005

The left is literally a bunch of raving lunatics

Mypetjawa gets spam-bombed. 310 comments and counting - and you wouldn't BELIEVE some of the vitriol in the comments. However, head over to the post that started it all, and it gets worse. Much worse.

Honestly, I come from a respectful family, I've never seen my parents (or any direct relatives) commit a single act of violence against anything for any reason. However, I swear to God, if someone talked like any of those commenters in front of my mother, my father would without hesitation stab them. in their effing. EYE.

Civil discourse has officially left the building on that blog - and it raises the question: "Who the FUCK raised these people?!?" Seriously, you think any one of their parents would admit to giving birth to such a flaming piece of shit? I too'd drown my kid in a tub if I knew they were going to end up like that...

Of note, these are the same people who got Howard Dean elected to Chair the DNC.