February 11, 2005

Jeff Gannon?

Folks, if you're asking yourself "Who the fuck is Jeff Gannon?!?" You're spot on.

I'm not really following this story, go over to Ace's for details.

I *am* however doing shitty photoshops...

UPDATE: Guest-blogger Dave with another

(Dave's like a friggin rabid pitbull with these bumper stickers, huh? -ed)

UPDATE 2: Insta-Franka-Corner-Malk-alanche Amish chimes in with one of his own, with a comment, "Fuck Allah, I'm Amish bitch!": (that's a joke folks. We all <3 allah -ed)

UPDATE 3: "Gang blog"? Sounds funky, thanks Ace. :/
In any case, more here folks.