February 22, 2005

I'll point it out, b/c well, no one else has

In this interview with Newsweeks' Baghdad correspondant, Rod Nordland there have been a lot of people cherry-picking quotes, so here's my submission:
Toronto, Canada: Why do you refer to Zarqawi as "the most ruthless and notorious killer in Iraq" when Bush (et al) has murdered between 20 and 100 thousand for much less reason than Zarqawi? Eh? That epithet could be better applied to "Chemical" Cheney, "Anthrax" Rumsfeld, or any of the other gangsters in the U.S. government.
Rod Nordland: Well we're hearing from all the loonies in Toronto, it seems. Civilian casualties in Iraq are no where near 20 to 100,000, despite some dubious claims to that effect. Zarqawi would cut off a Canadian's head, too, if he could get one, videotape it and post it on the internet for all the victim's friends and family to see, and if you don't think that's ruthless and notorious, there's something seriously wrong with you.