February 22, 2005

If you're using Bloggers "next blog" feature, read below

If you don't like spyware, read below:
I thought your readers might want to be aware of my recent problems with
using the "Next Blog" button on blogspot hosted blogs. Hitting the button takes users to a randomly selected blog on blogspot. Unfortunately, some of the blogs download viruses and adware as soon as you visit the site.

I wrote of my experience first here
() then gave an update here.

Another blogger described his experience here.

Blogger wrote to me that they're working on filters for the "Next Blog"
feature, but didn't really address the virus/spyware issue, unless of
course viruses and spyware is content that I don't want to see. Here's
what they said:
Thanks for your email. In this version 1.0 release of the
Blogger Navbar,the NextBlog button brings users to a random blog that 1) has a navbar, 2) was recently updated and 3) is listed as a public blog. Right now, it's impossible to know what sort of blog you're going to land on. However, we are working on how best to help our users avoid content they don't want to see along with other ideas and upgrades to the Navbar. Your feedback is appreciated in this process.