February 23, 2005

I hate online gamers

With the exception of exactly two three people who play online, everyone might as well be this fucktard:
on USWest
September 16, 2004

i guess its an alright build if ur a newb but i got the godliest pally of them all. I would tell u how i made it but then he wouldnt be that godly now would he? just to let u guys know my zeal does 20k damage with a certain aura i dont plan on telling. :D sorry guys but i would seriously kill anyone even UBER DIABLO with 1-10 hits with zeal. :) that everyone is the strength only a GOD could hold
Diablo2 used to be fun. Now it is filled with santimonious retards like this asshole. This guy put my exact thoughts on paper a bit more eloquently than I can.