February 15, 2005

Goddamn phone envy

I have a confession. I'm a phone-whore. When sprint/sanyo rolled out the first video phone, guess who ran out and spent $450 at best buy? To my credit however, my phones last a long time... typical lifespan for one of my phones is 2.5 years. Since I was 18, I've gone through maybe 3 phones. That was 8 years ago. Notably, all that time I've been with Sprint. Let's just say, they love me.

So, naturally, I was dismayed when my boss walked in with his brand. spanking. new pimpass lookin blackberry.

Shiiiiiit. Apparently tmobile is having a sale on these things (CNet review) - less than $200 when you sign a contract.

Guess where I'm going after work?