February 03, 2005

Amish is back from vaca, and got a present! [Amish]

A gift that keeps on giving...

Ann Coulter gave me gonorrhea

Yep you heard me. Ann Coulter gave me gonorrhea.

Don't believe me? Well listen to these symptoms: swelling, Inflammation, and a burning sensation during urination, how else do you explain her bitchiness? It all makes sense now doesn't it? Gonorrhea.

Sure she acts all uptight and Conservative on FOX News, but behind closed doors she's a freak. Whips and chains and all kinds of freaky shit. And she gets around too. She's been passed around the House and Senate like a bad Energy Bill. I happen to know for a fact that she is the cause of Dick Cheneys second and fourth heart attacks.What do you think finally killed Strom Thurmond? Hell, even Dick Durbin whips it to her occasionally.She gives a whole new meaning to government pork. Still not convinced? Well, my friend-here is documented proof of how Ann Coulter not only got the "clap" but also how she gave it to me:

(Click for larger version)

Sharpton denies it of course. He swears up and down six white police officers gave it to him.

UPDATE: For those of you who read his site, Ace has been pretty sick lately. We know he was off doing something at Sundance, but Ace, say it ain't so! I sure hope this has nothing to do with Andy Sullivan's "hiatus"...