February 04, 2005


Well, considering just about 24 hours ago I had 16,000 hits, and as little as two months ago I wondered if I would possibly hit 10,000 by 2005 - this is a pretty VERY cool thing.

In celebration, here's Chunk doing the "truffle shuffle".

Also a quick shout out to my biggest (and most loyal referrers over the last year):
Ace of Spades

Also, thanks UnPopulist, if you'd never banned Amish, he'd never have come over here. :)

Thanks guys!

Oh, and you wanna see how I got here? The last 24 hours...that's how...

That's called an "Insta-Franka-Corner-Lanche" "Insta-Franka-Corner- Malk-alanche™" - and don't think about stealing that term, or I'll threaten you with a copyright infringement suit. Unless you're older than 13... Heh.

UPDATE: UNBELIEVABLE! Might as well quit now folks, four of the heaviest hitters on the net have linked me in 24 hours. This little asinine blog... This has got me laughing so hard I'm having a hard time breathing!!