January 27, 2005

Where Have All the Children Gone?

As pointed out by Glenn Reynolds... this article deals with the burgeoning demographic bust that could happen in today's "civilized" nations. I do agree that demographic trends have more affect on where our country will be in 50 years, as compared to say, who our President is... but as little as 15 years ago people were screaming the other side of this coin. It's not like they were using different math, or significantly different models, or even that they lived in different times - they just had different agenda's and decided to interpret data different ways. Anyone remember Bad Religion? How about 10 in 2010. Well, I guess we're in for a huge population boom b/c 2010 is now only 5 years away, and we're only about half way there. *shrugs*

There are always going to be things like tsunamis in Indonesia, earthquakes in Iran, mad cow in Canada, bird flu in China, SARS in asia, AIDS in Africa, obesity in America - you name it. Plus, the more we keep fucking with stuff like this, the more exotic these diseases are gonna become. Who do those people think they are? Seriously. At the end of the day do they honestly go home, tell their spouses what they did at work (created an abomination) and sleep well at night? Maybe, just maybe, it'd be a better use of their scientific acumen to find the gene that allows them to check their conscience at the door of their work. Sure would be nice to weed that one out...