January 26, 2005

Update: Barbara Boxer saga

I'd stated the obvious about a week ago: That Barbara Boxer is a dirty, dirty whore.

Now, we can see her for the opportunist she is. This bitch gets 5 seconds of national TV airing for *crying* at the Bush inauguration, this 5 seconds emboldens her so much and endears her to such an extent to bleeding-heart liberals that she has the gall to try and slam Condi Rice in her Senate approval hearings, then she comes out with this gem. This whore is riding this gravy train for all it's worth people and frankly, this makes me f*cking sick that people don't see this for what it is.

This has got to be literally the most shameless, spineless move I've ever seen made on the political scene.

I don't even know what to write, I was flabbergasted when I read this on Drudge. The gall of this woman...and the ignorance of those who voted for her... *shakes head*