January 18, 2005

A prayer of thanks.

Archbishop Kidnapped in Iraq Is Freed.

"He has been freed and he is on his way home without paying any ransom," said Potris Moshi, an assistant to the church leader.

The Vatican had branded the kidnapping a "despicable terrorist act" and demanded that he be freed. The Vatican said that a ransom of $200,000 had been initially demanded.

In my eyes, that still doesn't make things square. These bastards kidnapped a man of the cloth and tried to use him as a pawn in their sick and twisted game. I'm not even Catholic, and this made my blood boil.
However, Navarro-Valls [Papel Spokesman] said the Vatican didn't view the kidnapping as an anti-Christian act as such but as part of the general climate of violence. He said the archbishop was well-loved in the community.
When will these people learn?