January 14, 2005

The Prado dam could break

I ride mountain bikes with a lot of local guys, bounced this site off them to see what affect it might have on tomorrow's ride. Here are the two responses so far:
Although Prado dam is near the east end of next week's
Carbon Canyon ride, I doubt it will have any affect on
closures of the park. I'm not aware of any ride that
starts on that end of the park and there's really
nothing exciting over there to do anyway so I don't
see it as a problem.

I spoke with the rangers at Carbon Canyon who said
that the only closure they are aware of today is that
Carbon Canyon Road is shut down today east of the park
entrance. Even if the entire Carbon Canyon road was
closed, you could still come in at Rimcrest. The
ranger said that the Prado Dam incident is being
watched, but that they don't expect any park closures.
And really, having been a resident of this area for
32 years, I know that it's normal to let water out of
the dam after heavy rains and that the river usually
drains within a week. I think a few reporters and the
police got a little over zealous but who knows - maybe
there really is a problem. If there's indeed a crack,
does that mean that they'll have to drain the entire
dam to fix it? Doubtful.

Well that depends on what you mean by "affect". It will not change Black Star, Maple Springs, Harding, the Luge, Holy Jim, etc. but if the dam goes much of the Orange County basin will flood. Death tolls could be huge and property loss could reach 100 billion.
Emphasis mine. So, I guess that's like 2 square blocks of Newport Beach. Heh.

UPDATE: Here's a pic.

UPDATE 2: Brilliant. Looks like they had a whole bunch of renovations scheduled for the next 4-5 years. Let's hope this isn't a case of "too little too late".

UPDATE 3: There's a lot of loose shit going on here (around my blog - click and listen to that link first), so let me clear this up. This site is the offical source for info. Here is the most recent release. The next update is expected by 2:30 PST. Right now though, the "You're on notice" warning is for the following cities:
Basically every friggin city on the way to the ocean, in that order.