January 17, 2005

Power lunch!

Inspired by Hog on Ice's sammich post from a while ago, I decided to cook up some generic grilled ham and cheese sammiches. So. F___ing. Good.

Since I have the day off I've also decided that I'm going to have a beer (or three) for lunch. This "Blue Star" beer is the best wheat beer I've ever had, and in the running for top 5 ever. This thing took me totally by surprise, as did the bottle of wine behind it. I'd randomly asked Pooponastick to pick me up a bottle of wine from the store. He comes back with this 2002 vintage cabernet sauvignon from Chile - Montes Alpha and Ho...ly sh_t (!) is this stuff good.

So, here's the beer:

What a damn good lunch. And you know what I'm going to do afterwords? Go shoot my goddamn gun. At the range unfortunately, I don't have the patience to drive 1.5 hours out to the desert, and I only own a pistol, so the desert isn't all *that* fun. Wait till I get a shotgun though. Heh.