January 27, 2005

Navy sub accident

Link to a HUUUUGE (5166x4085 pixels) jpeg. So, dial-up connections beware.

AFK this thing ran into something. At least, that's the Gov't line. Take a peek at the details of this picture though. Just to the right of the green bulk head, on the exterior plates, doesn't it look like the plates are bent *in*, in addition, why are they are blackened and scarred? Given that these bent in plates are on the top, I'm figuring either this thing 1) had to have been upside down to hit something or 2) got hit *by* something else.

If we're still going to argue that this thing actually full-on RAN INTO something else, well, let's think for a second about what kinds of speeds would have to be involved. Now, I don't know how much these things weigh, or what their "unofficial" top speed is but there are rumors out there of a commercial Boeing 747's wings being "stress-tested", and this things wingtips could touch eachother over the top of the plane. ... let that set in ... Envisioning that level of engineering, isn't it reasonable to assume they design nuclear submarines with just as much (if not more) durability?

*shrugs* Don't make a maniac out of me people.

In any case, go stare at that picture for a while and try and come up with how much you think it's gonna cost to repair the front of that sub. Remember, it costs almost $1.5BN for a new one, and just guess where all the sensitive equipment is on those things...