January 27, 2005

My first top-10 list, go easy on me

There's a whole lot of hubbub going around about taxpayer money being used for inappropriate purposes lately, so I decided to create a top-10 list of things, that on second thought, Bush probably shouldn't have bought with our money:

Top ten things the Gov't probably shouldn't be buying with taxpayer money:
10) Though the massage might have passed scrutiny, the "happy ending" most certainly does not.
9) Barbara Boxer. 'Nuff said.
8) Teddy "Massachusetts Magenta-face" Kennedy too.
7) Buying Condoleeza Rice 2000 cases of Uncle Ben's Rice because he "thought they were related". (Thanks Sasser!)
6) Bought 40,000 'Support our Troops' yellow ribbons and had them delivered to Fallujah.
5) Had "Baghdad Bob's" head mounted on a pike and delivered to Rumsfeld's office so Rummy can drink his morning pint of baby-blood from his eye sockets.
4) Buying Karl Roves' soul back from the Devil. (Thx Amish!)
3) A treadmill (with a microwave) for Dick Cheny.
2.5) Public proclamation of major funding for NASA to probe Uranus by 2006. (Amish again)
2) More Halliburton/KBR "no-bid" contracts.

And the number one thing Bush shouldn't have used tax payer money to buy...
1) 60,608,582 votes.

Again, comments are open for suggestions!