January 17, 2005

Jesse Jackson - open mouth, insert agenda

Dr. King, what are we doing?

Tainting the man's legacy, I'd say.

What MISTER Jackson fails to recognize is the simple fact that equality equates to opportunity, not success. The day he stops banging the victim drum is the day I'll give a good God damn what he has to say. I wish Bill Cosby would backhand this race pimp. Does racism still exist? I'll be the first to say yes, but most of us are ready to move on and judge people based on merit rather than skin color. Wasn't that Dr. King's goal? Do you really think that Dr. King would be proud of Mister Jackson's constant support of an affirmative action system that patronizes the black community? Mister Jackson, you may have been a student of Dr. King's, but it becomes more apparent every day that you didn't learn much.