January 31, 2005

God strikes Hillary down!

UPDATE: Crap. Looks like she got back up. With that in mind, here's our guest-blogger "Epistles of Saint Amish" with a top five list.


5)Even He's a member of the 'vast right wing conspiracy'.

4)He hates pant suits. You're next Carol Moseley Braun.

3)He's just jealous of her huge book advance. Hell, he wrote a pretty good book didn't he? The Good Book as a matter of fact. So what if the New York times said it was a 'little too preachy'? Over a billion copies sold and he hasn't seen one red cent from those bastards at Gideon. He didn't even retain the movie rights to "The Greatest Story Ever Told".

2)He thought he would let Hillary pitch her health care plans to doctors in person.

1)How long could he ignore Bill Clinton's prayers?

UPDATE: Ace and his commenters respond to the Hillary "diarrhea scare", with the best quote of the week. Looks like God might have had it out for her afterall *diarrhea*??!!?! LMFAO. Not that the best comment needs any explanation, but look for the one from "Hillary's colon".