January 10, 2005

A few "big media" gaffes

Funny that they don't report on any of 60 Minutes' other fuck-ups.

Like this.

Or this 20/20 outright lie. Which was later hilariously lampooned in Top Secret.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Another great reference to "myopic zeal". I think this one is gonna stick folks. Lt. Smash is also on the case.

OK, just Googled the term, looks like there are only 7,070 hits so far. Let's watch how this blows up when the google-spiders hit today's postings. Off to technorati...too many to count. Heh. I'll see what I can do about finding some of the more "fun" entries and post links here.

Cool, Technorati says this guy was first with the hilarious "myopic zeal" snipe. Good stuff.