January 14, 2005

Drudge siren ain't got shit on me

However, in honor of "The Drudge Siren" I've come up with my own reader-notification system that something important has come up. I came up with this fantastic idea over at Sobek Pundit's, as he asked a question that cracked me up.
What's the Arab version of cowbell?
His response was "ululation", which is pretty funny in and of itself, but I had a better idea.

Let's be honest: when you picture Arabs celebrating *anything*, whether it be weddings, beheadings, pikings, female genital mutilation ceremonies, stonings, what is their standard for glee-expression/celebration? Right.

So, from now on - when some good news comes out in some Arab country (further proving our foray into Iraq was a stroke of genius), out comes my (soon to be patented) "Arab Siren".