January 31, 2005

Dirty McCedarford

(ed. For those of you not in the know, Cedarford is a semi-frequent commenter over at Ace's. He's a Nazi. Blames "The Evil Joo"™ for everything. No really. Everything (unless it's good). Ergo, our new crack-investagitive team (consisting of Amish) performed some research. Here are his results, heavy stuff folks, hold onto your seats.)

The Top Five Things Cedarford Would do If He Owned a Dairy:

5)Call for an immediate halt to all Bovine expansion in all of the occupied farmland.

4)Keep a close eye on the all those Holsteins. He cant prove it yet- but he's pretty sure they're secretly controlling the farm behind his back.

3)Any bovines exhibiting signs of mad cow disease/zionist tendencies will be quarantined and sent to the Gulag... or the barn- whichever gets built first. Hey, have you ever seen what an architect charges to design a decent Gulag? Highway robbery!

2)Deny that Furor Brown ever sent his cattle to the slaughter house back in the 40's.

And the number one thing Cedarford would do if he owned a dairy farm:

1) He would make sure his cows would make noises that sound suspiciously like "Jew, Jeeeeww," instead of the more familiar "Moo."