December 13, 2004

Way to go Downhillers

These guys are (as a rule) fuck tards to start with, but then you see soemthing like this that just adds a whole new level to their "fucktardedness".

I hate these guys. In mountain biking the guy going up the hill always has the right of way, just like in sailing, if you're in a powerboat, get the fuck out of the way of the sailboat. However it seems that the only people who know these rules are: 1) the guys going up the hills or 2) the guys in the sailboats.

Downhillers are the guys that buy into this whole "extreme culture" bullshit. Their ilk is responsible for all the trial-lawyering and bad image associated with any sport they've bastardized. If there's blame to be placed anywhere, I'd say Red Bull deserves probably 80% of it. I mean shit, just look at the front page of their site.