December 07, 2004

Suckage of the day

News about Tyler Hamilton.

This guy is from my hometown, and is a bit of a local legend. Especially for those of us in the tightly-knit cycling community. To hear any sort of confirmation of the doping charges against him deeply saddens my heart.

I'll remain an avid supporter of Tylers for any number of reasons. A few of which are his avid support for MS research - a disease that (I believe) affects his father. His continued support for our local team, CCB - for whom his brother races for. Though, above those other reasons literally everything I've ever heard about this guy from Lance Armstrong on down to the town drunk, has been good. In over a decade of knowing about this guy, and following his career I've not once *EVER* heard a bad thing said about him.

That's gotta count for something folks.

Best of luck Tyler.