December 13, 2004

The Peoples Choice awards

Rock the vote. Vote against Michael Moore.

UPDATE: Thanks Monkey for the heads-up (that the link doesn't work). It looks like you're going to have to go here, then peruse through a couple other categories before you get to the F-911 link. When I'd clicked the link, it took me right to the site, and there was a drop-down box where you could select what "award" you wanted to vote for. That no longer appears to be the case.

Sorry about that folks.

UPDATE2: Pooponastick informs me that:
Voting in this category is now closed
Favorite Movie

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Fahrenheit 9/11
The Incredibles
Shrek 2
Spiderman 2

Heh. As he also points out, it's funny how it's the "Peoples Choice" awards, unless TOO MANY people happen to vote, then of course the responsibility must be removed from the "people". We're all just a bunch of red-state dumb hicks... or didn't you hear?

This is good conspiracy-theory stuff folks. Let's see how long it takes to start one of those online petitions. Then again, the chattering classes might get caught up in the whole "Scott Peterson penalty phase" - along with Drudge.

Stay tuned.