December 03, 2004

I'd suggest reading the constitution fellas.

This story really touched a nerve with me. I've worked for a company that was in such a bad part of town, that they had to put up bullet proof glass to keep the homeless from breaking in to have a warm place to sleep. The company I worked for had a similar policy, yeah well, they sure as shit weren't escorting me through the ghetto at 3 am. I kept my piece in my lap and when I got there I put it under the seat. I could give a fuck about "property rights", I care more about the poor schlep that at least as a fighting chance to defend himself when shit goes down. One of the major players in the suit is ConocoPhillps, now check me here, but I'm pretty sure that's a chain of gas stations. If *I* had a chain of gas stations, I'd be issuing weapons to every employee in my employ, and throwing in shooting lessons and close quarters combat tactics. Give the victims a fighting chance, that's my motto. I imagine that the other chains have a guy who probably crafts statements such as, "Mr. Jones was a valued member of the ConocoPhillips family, and his tragic death is a loss for us all." Then they throw the old "Help Wanted" sign in the window, and wait for the next unarmed sucker to stand behind a hundred bucks at two in the morning.