November 17, 2004

Trip to FL

Now that the alcohol induced fog has started to lift from my brain, I can remember some of the cooler things I saw on my trip.

Dave's top ten list.
10. Lizards -- we don't have lizards up north, they run around outside and are about 2 inches long.
9. An old man riding a bike with a day glow yellow helmet on.
8. Greyhounds running at the dog track.
7. Beach -- miles and miles of beach.
6. A pelican.
5. Hot chicks everywhere -- seriously. HOT HOT HOT
4. The_Wood's ability to pimp hoes.
3. Dave's ability to steal Wood's hoes.
2. The people are so cool, friendly, and laid back.
1. A midget watching karaoke.

I'm going back for new year's.