November 05, 2004


I guess this is meant to help unify the country...

Am I the only one who finds Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham hot as hell?

How do the radical revolutionary leftists propose to take over the country? We've got all the guns and all the real men.

How can the leftists claim to be non-conformists? Aren't there millions of people just like them all over the country? You want to be a non-conformist, try to be an outspoken conservative at Berkley you pussies. Then you'll see the fine imaginary line between free speech and hate speech.

Why is it that the only time you see gay people on TV they are always defined by their sexuality? Are all gay people defined by their sexuality? Do you know any hetero's that are defined by their sexuality? Doesn't it seem shallow and farce to be defined by your sexuality?