November 10, 2004

Secession? Oh really?

This. Read it now.
Some of my favorite parts include:

Democracy relies on a prohibition of secession. A democratic regime assumes a 'demos' - a unit of political decision-making which is constant between decisions. If every dissident minority secedes after every opposed decision, then there is no democratic regime.
The supporters of democracy no longer need to advocate force - because nationalists do that for them. The nationalists advocate force to preserve the territorial integrity of the nation, which coincidentally is also the demos, the political unit. In this way, the nationalists get the bad publicity, not the democrats. Nevertheless, those who advocate democracy are also logically advocating, that at some point secession be suppressed. And almost inevitably, that implies the use of force - military force. You can not be a democrat unless you are prepared to kill. An entirely pacifist democracy might work for small homogeneous groups, but not for large states with hundreds of millions of inhabitants. A large democratic state, with no armed forces, would be overwhelmed by secession.

Consider yourself backhanded, pacifist secessionists.