November 09, 2004

PSA for the day

PivX nominated for global security awards, we need your votes!

Allo people!

I have just been informed from our PR agency (see below) that the public voting is open for the SC Magazine Security Product of the year.

We are getting out the vote on Qwik Fix Pro. Please go to the following link at SC Magazine and cast your vote for Qwik Fix Pro, the best network intrusion prevention product on the market!!

PC Magazine, Windows and .net Magazine and eWeek have already spoke very highly of Qwik Fix
Pro. We appreciate your vote and your forwarding this request to others you know.

Thanks for your vote and your vote of confidence.


Click here to vote
So, to clarify, there is only one section that Quik-Fix is covered - BEST NETWORK SECURITY PRODUCTS. So, go vote. :)