November 05, 2004

Michael Moore

I just read this and I feel compelled to respond in kind.

Intro - Monty Python also sang "Always look on the bright side of death." -- start cutting kids, and remember it's down the highway, not across the street.

1. True, he can't run for president again. Neither can Bill Clinton. Big Whoop. We've still got 4 more years.

3. I agree, I think they definatly shouldn't listen to their parents about making toast in the bathtub.

4. Despite the exit poll debacle, Mike still believes in the polls. Good job buddy! Note to foreigners: Please take this assbag. Note to Islamofacists: I think you'd make a better case to the world by kidnapping this fat fuck and sawing his head off.

6. Is that a threat? Anytime, anywhere you fat sack of shit. I'd be more than happy to spill your blood.

7. A lame jab at OSU, is that all you've got?

8. In 50 years you'll be dead of a massive heart attack. I guess that's not to long to wait. Thanks.

10. Nice racial division you use there, obviously you've got something against white people.

14 & 15. You're just reaching here, you must not realize that by pushing his right-wing agenda he will be creating a legacy. A very good legacy, almost Reaganesque.

16 & 17. You've lost it man, go have a donut and shut your hole. I hope you realize that in 4 years your credibility will be shot. You are not a journalist, you are not a defender of all that is right. You are a partisian hack hell-bent on excuses and pandering to the elitists who no longer will want to be associated with a fat slob. You need to understand that in 4 years a whole new cycle will start and you can't rely on the numbskulls you've tricked this time with your same pack of half-truths and distortion to follow you. If the next election were 5 minutes from now you might have a shot, 4 years, you're toast.