November 15, 2004

Just joined a new "forum"

For fans of the infamous 1911.

My HK is getting kinda lonely, and I'm thinkin only another .45 will do. I figure as long as I'm not allowed to get a CCW (I'm in CA remember), I might as well get another badass gun. Seeing as how I'm a renting bum, I figure a shotgun might be a bit awkward to have. Plus it wouldn't fit in my safe.

So, here's what I've currently got:

And here's what I'm lookin to get (a Springfield)

Or a Kimber

Or a damn Sig GSR, which I can't find a suitable picture of. Feh.

I *really* want a Les Baer, but the starting price is basically $1,500. You can pick up that SA for about $700 OTD, and the Kimber is gonna run about $1,000 - $1,400 for what I want.