November 02, 2004

Don't. Change. A DAMN THING!

Still haven't changed out of my work clothes - got my cowboy boots on (see below), my bottle of scotch I'm about to kill (and will need to replenish) the TV to fox, the internet to Ace/C-Span and Yahoo, I'm blaring Against Me! (some "fight the system" punk that fires me up like no other) - and not a damn thing is gonna change as long as things keep going as they are!! Rumors have Bush taking NH, blowing NV out of the water and sweeping OH and FL!

I'm freakin gonna SWOOOOOOOOON!

Update: Just clicked through to ABC - Peter Jennings appears to be in panic mode. Heh.

Update #2: 9:20 PST

I'm effing KILLING this bottle. In the same spirit George Bush just KILLED Kerry in FL!! Mwhahahahahaha.

Update #3: 9:33 Repubs are calling fucking OHIO for BUSH!! Holy shit, 3 electoral votes left!!!

Update #4: Rally time 10:01 - OH is up for grabs again - hopin ace didn't jinx it....

Update #5: Uber-Rally time - bringin out the BIG GUNS. Just finished my bottle of 12-year old scotch, did the 100-yard dash over to Vons, and picked myself up an 18 YEAR OLD BOTTLE OF SCOTCH - $109 - in order to rally the Ohio voters to re-elect our Commander In Chief.

Update #6: Edwards is SUCH a faggot.